How to lay the best roads that last for decades in India within three months?

The monsoon season in India is going to end soon leaving all the roads damaged across India. Due to COVID-19, many people across India are looking for income. The number of such people is more than 20 crores approximately. Governments are giving freebies without any benefit to the Government but only to the political parties.

As Jesus said in Bible, ‘Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.’

Based on the above quote we can use our 20 crores Human Resources to lay down roads with the best quality material starting from January 2022 till April 2022. Instead of giving free money ask the volunteers to help Government in laying down the roads in their community by supplying the raw material needed to lay the roads directly to the public by avoiding contractors/ middlemen and getting it supervised by an Engineer. We must create an App first before January 2022 which seeks inputs from the Public to know the damaged roads, followed by the sanction by the local Government to lay roads, then the local workers lay their roads under the supervision of the Engineer, and then take feedback from the local Public. Negative feedback must penalize the Government Engineer. This is a good exercise for the Public too and they will feel proud for having better roads.

The app I mentioned here can be created within a month using Google Maps by TCS/ Infosys. The raw material used for the roads must be evaluated after lots of research from several global manufacturers especially the ones who supply to UAE and then select one of them before awarding the contract to supply the raw material to the Government. Government has to seek help from private transport for supplying the raw material to the local public where roads will be laid.

The roads being laid out must be tracked by a server through administrators from the Government and accomplish this task within 3 months. This app will be able to track the condition of roads across the Nation in real-time and help automate the repair of roads in the near future.

The business use cases of this proposed app would be:

  • Manage user roles (Admin/ Government Official/ Citizen/ Material Suppliers/ Labor/ Transport/ Equipment Suppliers)

  • Manage users (SignUp/ SignIn/ Update)

  • Manage complaints or requests for repairs (Search&List/ Create/ Update)

  • Manage resource types (Material/ Labor/ Transport/ Equipment)

  • Manage resources (Search&List/ Create/ Update)

  • Manage donations (Search&List/ Create/ Update)

  • Manage feedback (Search&List/ Create/ Update)

My proposed app will be a single point of contact for all the stakeholders in this Nation-building thus enabling to avoid redundancy and avoid miscommunication allowing to plan and optimize this operation.

To elaborate the App starts with a Citizen SignUp with his/her mobile number and then creates a complaint/ request of the road repair followed by sharing the user's location. The repair can be approved by the Government official based on the number of requests and their severity like a bug tracking system with a location sharing feature. The approval is nothing but the allocation of resources for laying the roads in the locality. The resources can be tracked in real-time by any user and the process ends with positive feedback from the local public.

Remember this one-time investment can save a lot for the GoI. Just like the way we achieved self-reliance in the power sector we can have better roads that last for decades across the Nation within 3 months.

The buyers of new cars can definitely be taxed higher and the petrol tax can be raised accordingly to take care of this National project.


Nothing is impossible where there is a will. United We Stand. Divided We Fall.

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